Win at slot machines, volatility in gambling

volatility in gambling

To be able to win at slot machines, you need a good part of luck. But not only, you need to have a solid knowledge of all the features of a slot machine. For example, you know that you have to play online the best slot machines with a reasonable redistribution rate. But what do you know about the notion of volatility in gambling? This is a key point that Pressgambling must explain to you. So you will feel better choose on which machine to play.

Win at slot machines and Volatility in gambling

Any best slot machines are programmed to randomly pay out winnings. However, depending on the machine, it will be programmed to follow one or the other of the following trends. Either give out a lot of winnings at long intervals or win a few small winnings more often. There is also an equilibrium which consists in delivering medium average earnings. In short, for you, win at slot machines, this is playing for a long time to hope to pocket a big sum of a sudden, or so often earn small sums to allow you to store.

We are extremely sorry to break the hopes of those who believe that win at your best slot machines is only due to the presence of your lucky charm next to you! The algorithms developed by the editors of slot machines are complex. It contains several unknown codes so that the gains remain random. Do not refuse to play if you went under a ladder on your way home from work before playing at your favorite online casino, bad luck has nothing to do with it!

The different levels of volatility in gambling

Three levels are the most common. Thus, you are sure to get joy by changing the slot machine and see that you win (or lose) at the same pace as the previous one.

win at slot machines

A high volatility slot machine is the one that will make you turn goat! Our advice is not to let go and be patient, because the game is clearly worth the effort. If you want to win at Slot Machines you might have to play for a long time, sometimes it might seem too long, but when it falls, be prepared not to scream with joy if everyone sleeps around you or if you are in the subway to go home! The amount won will be plump and you will say “finally, it was worth it, not so long after all”.

Before raging for the next gaming session you will find endless fun! The Best slot machines that offer you more than 10,000 tokens are generally the case of machines with high volatility in gambling. Let’s give you some examples:

  • NetEnt game’s Dead or Alive
  • NextGen game’s 300 Shields

i-Slot have rather high volatility.

volatility in gambling

Slot machines with low volatility distribute small amounts at short intervals. And thus allow playing for a longer time, because the small gains you will recover will allow you to bet and win over and over again.

You will be able to preserve as much as possible your starting capital without taking big risks. For example, NetEnt has developed Blood Suckers and we believe this slot machine fits perfectly with the definition of low volatility in gambling.

Finally, there are also i-Slots that are a good compromise between low and high volatility. The average volatility features, such as Microgaming’s Doctor Love ™ or NetEnt’s Dracula ™, which allow you to win at slot machines with a not so large prize, but substantial amounts at reasonable intervals.

They are there for you to have fun without losing too much money before a win!

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