US Poker Open, David Peters and huge game jackpot

David Peters wins the US Poker Open with $ 30 million in winnings. The American, David Peters, beats his opponents by winning the game jackpot at the second edition of the US Poker Open. The latter exceeds in live the mark of 30 million cumulative and marks his 10th seven-figure gain throughout his career.

The US Poker Open

The American player enters the annals by pocketing the exceptional amount of $ 30 million on the clock. David Peters cashed a game jackpot $ 100,000 for $ 1,320,000 million by adding the $ 100,000 bonus for his victory on the PokerGO leaderboard. He won on a field of 33 participants and headdress at the post Chris Hunichen. He leaves with a fairly substantial gain, the bulk of his professional career on the circuit.

This year, the US Poker Open 2019 Event brought together talented players from the poker world. Among them, Sean Winter who managed to reach the final table, not to mention famous players such as Nick Schulman, Stephen Chidwick and Bryn Kenney and Peters who has demonstrated all his skills in this area. The American offers himself the ranking of the festival by participating in a prestigious and essential tournament of the sector. The 31-year-old said the festival remains one of the best and beating Sean with a 10-point gap is still crazy. He adds that he intends to improve his game and continue to progress by pointing out that these hours of observation and studies of poker have finally paid.

David Peters and game jackpot

US poker open

In the standings, David Peters takes first place followed by Chris Hunichen, Keith Tilston, Martin Zamani, and Ryan Riess. The final started with nine players for at least five paid places. Nick Schulman lost to Chris Hunichen and Justin Bonomo, eliminated by Ryan Riess. The WSOP World Champion was unlucky in this 6-digit buy-in tournament and is therefore in sixth place.

During this tournament of the US Poker Open, David Peters succeeds the British player, Stephen Chidwick by reaching five finals and winning a victory for three paid places and a game jackpot.

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