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With online casinos, gambling fans have a huge choice when it comes to find top slot machines!

Indeed, on the e-gaming scene, Gambling providers are numerous. And they make the show by offering creations always more original than the others. Among the many provider of virtual slots, we chose to focus on four of them. They offer amazing developed slot machines with stunning graphics. But that’s not all since the latter are also very generous in terms of bonuses. Indeed, win gains are good, but take pleasure in the task at hand, it’s much better! So dear friends and players, here is a short list of top slot machines on which you must bet to enjoy exceptional game time.

Microgaming and its Top slot machinesTop slot

Microgaming is one of the few gems among various online gambling provider.

Indeed, the renowned developer knows how to offer quality games with varied themes without forgetting to be generous in terms of bonuses. And what better way to prove it to yourself than to discover it yourself? Thus, we have listed the top slot machines of the famous provider.

Tomb Raider 2: The Secret of The Sword

top slotGentlemen, are you a fan of the buxom curves of the magnificent heroine Tomb Raider? Ladies, do you admire the bravery and courage of the famous adventurer?

Microgaming puts everyone in agreement with the Tomb Raider 2 slot machine: The Secret of The Sword ™. Indeed, on this immaculately developed video top slot, you will be able to help the pretty archaeologist and participate in his adventures fearless to achieve winnings and why not the jackpot of the machine that amounts to € 15,000.

So ready to gather all your strength and courage to take part in this unpredictable quest?


We continue the adventure with the Microgaming Hitman ™ Slot Machine! On this slot, the editor offers to slip into the skin of the famous agent 47. However, do not worry, on this game you will not be asked to make someone’s skin, but indeed to put all the chances on your side of winning pharamino wins.

This should not be a problem since this top slot consists of five reels and fifteen paylines and has a whole lot of attractive bonuses.

Agent Jane Blonde

top slotWith Agent Jane Blonde ™, blondes will be thrilled to know that, for once, they will not go for bitchy bimbos. Indeed, on this top slot you will find the pretty and intrepid Jane who is one of the most feared secret agents on the planet.

Despite her undeniable spying skills, she needs you for her latest mission: to seize the loot of € 10,000 from this slot.

So, will you have enough nerves to help the talented spy?


Bars & Stripes

Uncle Sam’s country is featured on Bars & Stripes ™! Indeed this slot is adorned with reels with symbols straight out of American culture: Golden Eagle, Oréo®, fast food, Statue of Liberty, American flag, Thanksgiving turkey and hot dog will make you win a real bonanza on this video slot consisting of 25 paylines and 5 reels. So if you are lovers of the new world, go for it on this slot that will make you win something to pay you a single ticket for the Big Apple!

Football Star Online

If you love football, if there is one game you should not miss, this is the Football Star Online ™ slot machine! This video slot is dedicated to the legendary game and can earn you big thanks to its five five reels and 50 paylines. So if like Ronaldo, Pirlo, or Del Piero, you want to enter the legend of football, go on this top slot that can earn you as much money as a monthly salary of professional footballer (that’s saying! )

NetEnt and its Top slot machines

Top slot

NetEnt is by far the best gaming provider of the moment. This is not just our personal opinion, since the Swedish gaming provider has been recognized as the best gaming provider, and more specifically a slot machine for both online casinos and land-based casinos. That’s why in true slots lovers, we offer our selection of the best NetEnt  top slot machines of the moment!


top slotThe global legends of American rock have come together on the brand new NetEnt slot machine, which is scheduled to launch in the summer of 2015. Very little information has been revealed about the features of the machine. However, we are able to tell you that the slot machine offers the most extensive promotional display of all NetEnt top slot machines.

The graphics are breathtaking, the free spins are all animated scenes of concerts of the legendary rock band. In addition, NetEnt goes even further by offering fans of slot machines to win, right out of the top slot machine, a guitar signed by all members of the group Guns’n’Roses.

Spinata Grande

If you have a desire to travel, but you still prefer the comfort of your living room, NetEnt has the top slot machine made for you! This is the Spinata Grande Slot Machine, which will immerse you in the atmosphere of a Mexican party! Designed on the basis of 5 rolls and about 40 different payment lines, the machine benefits from all the NetEnt know-how.

Players will be delighted to increase their jackpot with free spins, bonus games and an abundance of bonus multiplier symbols. In addition, this slot machine is quite refreshing and is available on both your desktop and mobile devices!

Tornado Farm Escape

top slotTornado Farm Escape was by far the most anticipated slot machine of the beginning of 2015! And NetEnt did not miss the rendezvous, by offering players a second part of the adventures of these small animals from a wild west farm. The top slot machine is full of bonus multiplier symbols and free spins that will make you winners every time.

NetEnt offers you to find all the farm animals on your machines with 5 reels in 3 rows and with up to 20 possible payment lines. You will be able to collect up to 20 chips per spin for a maximum jackpot of 167,000 chips! You will also be able to make many winning combinations, and it is very rare to get out of the Tornado Farm Escape experience without the slightest gain, on your desktops, mobile and tablets.

Steam Tower

While waiting for the release of its star slot machines, NetEnt has decided to make players wait by offering them a brand new slot machine inspired by the Victorian English era characterized by the industrial revolution. Steam Tower is a top slot machine that will definitely remind you of the steampunk design, which will charm you for sure! The NetEnt 3D Slot Machine rests on 3 rows, 5 reels and 15 generous paylines. Players will have Wild symbols that can multiply their winnings significantly, and free spins that can increase by 7 times the amount of their initial bet. If you’d like to find out more, feel free to visit 333Palace Casino, which offers you 5 exclusive promotional free spins to try NetEnt’s brand new slot machine.

The Invisible Man

The least we can say is that NetEnt was able to make the pleasure last with the launch of this machine The Invisible Man. Indeed, after several months, NetEnt has finally marketed its brand new machine on all French online casinos with software from the Swedish gaming provider. The machine The Invisible Man is based on the epic novel of the 19th century which staged a detective stealth with all the elements peculiar to this Victorian era. The Invisible Man is a 5 reel slot machine that offers players 20 paylines. The wagers per spin range from 20 cents to 100 euros for a final jackpot that you can get by free spin and profit multiplication symbols!

The top slot machines signed Betsoft

Top slot

Betsoft is one of the best publishers of the e-gaming scene. His original creations and sumptuous graphics will fill you the mirettes at each party! To prove it to you, we chose to select five of the best slot machines from the renowned publisher.


top slotDid you like the Walt Disney® cartoon? Then you will merge on the slot machine of the same name! Indeed, Betsoft perfectly respected the intrigue of the tale of Carlo Collodi and offers to win you on a perfectly developed slot on which you will really have fun! This slot machine consists of 5 reels and 15 paylines has all the assets to fill you: many bonuses, visual and sound animations delirious and fascinating parallel worlds!

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Another gem signed Betsoft. This top slot with remarkable graphics will allow you to dive into the heart of the plot of the famous detective story of the same name. The winnings will flow afloat on this slot machine composed of 5 lines and 30 paylines. The maximum jackpot of this game reaches the very pretty sum of 3 000 €. To win, trust the Wild and Scatter symbols of this top slot to help you win the jackpot!


With the Rockstar ™ Slot Machine, Betsoft proves once again its genius! Indeed, this absolutely remarkable slot will allow you to turn into Jimi Hendrix and do everything to win huge sums. The atmosphere is at the rendezvous on this top slot machine with ultra realistic sound effects and graphics of optimal quality! So love rock, discover this slot which is none other than the most popular virtual slot machine in the world!

Good Girl Bad Girl

top slotYour moral sense will be severely tested on Good Girl Bad Girl ™. This 3D top slot machine that takes up the allegory of good and evil is a real little concentrate of Betsoft’s know-how. So, expect sumptuous graphics on this slot with 15 paylines. Will you manage to silence your inner demon and rally to the benevolent angel of this slot to try to win a jackpot of € 2,500? Or will you be trapped by the sexy and provoking imp? It’s up to you!

Gipsy Rose

Will you become rich in the near future? That’s up to Rose to tell you! This beautiful Fortune Teller knows everything about your future and will help you become as rich as Cresus with this top slot machine consisting of 5 reels and 30 paylines. So trust Rose to analyze her crystal ball and help you make a fortune with the publisher Betsoft!

Top slot machines NextGen Gaming

top slots

When you ask casino enthusiasts about which top slot machines they prefer, there are many who point out the creations of the provider NextGen Gaming. Present in the industry since 1999, the latter has undeniable qualities to satisfy the ferocious appetite of fans of virtual slot machines. To prove it to you, we decided to present you five of the top slot machines of NextGen Gaming.

Medusa II

top slotGreek mythology is often a favorite theme of casino gaming providers. And the Medusa II ™ slot machine proves it once again as it is inspired by the character of one of the three terrifying Gorgons, Medusa, who unlike her horrible sisters is deadly.

With this slot of 5 reels and 15 paylines, NextGen Gaming knows a real card on the e-gaming scene! Moreover, even if we prefer this version, the first opus of this top slot is also worth trying a few spins on!

Merlin’s Millions

Merlin’s Millions ™ is one of the few NextGen Gaming top slot machines developed in 3D. As the name suggests, it tells the story of Merlin the Enchanter, a central character in one of Walt Disney’s many cartoons.

This very endearing character who rocked our childhood today will bring you luck because Merlin will be your best ally to win the jackpot of this top slot set at several thousands.

Dr. Love on Vacation

This slot is none other than the famous sequel to the Doctor Love ™ machine from the same provider. This time, the attractive doctor leaves his Parisian office for a well-deserved vacation. Rather nice, the latter decided to make us enjoy the trip!

However, things are not going as planned for the poor doctor who will have to chain consultations during his rest period! However, this is pretty good for you since you will be able to try to win the jackpot of € 10,000 of this top slot!

Green Lantern

top slotOnce again, NextGen Gaming is original with the themes of these slots. The one we will present to you is none other than the adaptation of the adventures of the famous cartoon superhero, Green Lantern, top slot machine version.

With the latter, you will certainly win valuable gains since you can use green lanterns to get everything you dream! So think hard about the jackpot of this machine and spin the spins galore!

California Gold

What better than to put all the chances on your side to win many winnings than playing a slot machine dedicated to the time of the gold rush! This 5-reel, 20-payline top slot takes you straight into the California valleys where the character finds gold with a sieve and his lucky star.

However, to win big on this slot, no need to bend your back under the exhausting sun of California. Indeed, click on the “Spin” button and you’re done.


You can check how the Slots RTP defines your chances of winning, here.

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