Super Bowl and bet records

super bowl

This year, the Super Bowl attracted millions of punters keen to win the jackpot. The game between Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots exploded the bet records with a 26% increase. The Americans have wagered some six billion dollars during this competition.

Super Bowl, an American history

super bowl

The second-most-loved event of the year after Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl is a revered day on the American calendar. It is much more than just a football final. Indeed the Super Bowl is also the 30 seconds of the most expensive TV commercial. This is the most watched sporting event of the year. The conversations around the coffee machine the most animated the next day. The most followed event in the US. In short, an inevitable of popular American culture to watch to be in the loop!

Game and bet records

According to a survey conducted by the American Gambling Association or AGA, nearly one in ten adults bet money on this game. Unlike the bets generated by the Football World Cup, the $ 6 billion wagered during the Super Bowl is registered only in the United States. Bet records on the air!

A financial windfall that attracts unregulated bookmakers thus spurring the growth of illegal betting. It must be said that this match between two heavyweights, including Patriots who were favorites having already received five titles since 2002 and emerged victorious by winning their 6th title.

Compared to last year, registered bet records show an increase of 26%. We can explain it by the law of sports betting following a decision of the Supreme Court in May 2018. This text allows the various states concerned to exploit the market following established standards. Among them, those who have benefited from a waiver. We can note Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and Rhode Island. Twenty others are added to the list including the city of New York. According to statements by Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont, sports betting and online gaming positively contribute to the US economy in the years to come.

Betting and Laws

Since the ban on sports betting in the early 1990s, things have changed. Moreover thanks to the perseverance of some big names in the sector. Subsequently, the most famous American professional leagues. The NBA, the NHL, the MLB and recently the NFL, have entered into a partnership with groups of casinos. Unlike other leagues, the NFL decided to gradually tap into the sector by entering into a sponsorship deal with the Caesars Entertainment casino group to begin. The arrival of the Raiders in Las Vegas in 2020 should also bring about a radical change on the side of very conservative sports organizations, so far staunchly opposed to this type of activity.

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