Play online Keno, History and Strategy in Keno game

play online keno

What is Keno? Originally from Ancient China, keno game is one of the most historic casino games out there. Similar to bingo and sic bo, this entertainment today enjoys a rare reputation around the world. But What is Keno? Before our technological age and play online keno, there was a Chinese emperor named Leung who invented Keno game to finance the armies of his country. As time went by, however, Keno had a very different function and was used as a pedagogical tool.

In the 10th century, Keno helped the youngest learn the alphabet and some literature. In the 21st century, Keno game has a much less honorable status, not even prestigious anymore. We will explain a developed strategy for Keno.

play online keno

How to play Keno – Technical presentation

In its new version offered by online casinos, play online Keno obviously requires very little tools compared to what you needed in the ancient times.

Traditional Keno game, on the other hand, required a lot of paraphernalia to be well and truly eligible for the game. As a lottery game, keno uses a pack of numbered balls. As a main rule, no less than 80 balls are mixed in a compartment or in a rotating cage. It is a mechanical system that draws the balls.

How to play Keno from the player’s view?

In order to play Keno, the player must have in his possession a cardboard card or grid. Each cardboard card includes eighty numbered boxes, just like the number of balls involved in the game. Eventually, the player will also need a pencil or a pen to tick the boxes.

Purpose of the game and the role of the player

The goal of the game is simply to predict the twenty numbers that will be drawn. Unfortunately, making good predictions is tricky in Keno because there are eighty different possibilities for each draw.

That said, Keno is one of the most difficult casino games ever. To participate in a game of Keno, the user simply buys one or more cartons and checks the numbers that are drawn at random with a pen or a marker. The player can also opt for predefined bets: he can make normal bets, bets against, multiple bets, etc.

The choice is very wide! Then, the balls are randomly drawn with the help of the mechanical system. And the bettor collects its possible gains according to the veracity of its predictions. When you play online Keno, note that the online casinos use generators of random numbers by way of a system of “draw”. These ensure random and equitable results.

History and evolution of Keno game

As we explained earlier, Keno was born deep in China thousands of years ago. It was the first Chinese migrant workers who exported the game to the United States as they laid the rails for future railroads. In the 1930s, the Chinese invented a lottery game similar to the Keno of their ancestors. It was based on a betting system reminding us of horse races. The name of this new game is Dubbed Keno Race, this game was democratized among the entire American population.

play online keno

Nowadays, in European countries, Keno game is often associated with Lotto. Most incumbents continue to offer it in the form of a monopoly. But the latest legislative changes allow some private companies to offer variants of this highly popular lottery game. You can also try to play online Keno at tournaments, or play, simply, in free mode.

The basic strategy in Keno

In the one hand, Keno is a lottery-type entertainment and you will notice in some land-based casinos that a draw takes place about every quarter of an hour. The Keno, therefore, attracts the crowds because multiple sessions are organized around this game.

On the other hand, it is historically very hard to gain significant sums in this game where chance occupies a significant role. Nevertheless, you have the opportunity to study probabilities to improve your chances of winning large sums of money in this game known for its constant “greed”. Like most players, you can select between one and ten numbers to try to win a maximum jackpot even if your winning expectations are reduced.

Play online Keno and betting strategy in Keno

At first, if you really want to preserve your chances of winning, avoid playing only one number. Indeed, not only is this useless but on top of that, it does not yield anything of value. The casino even has a house advantage of 25% in this case.

Ideally, what you should do is bet on nine different numbers. You will reduce the home advantage to its lowest ever rate in keno, at 5%. If the experts believe that players should bet between 50% and 75% of the total number of numbers drawn, what is essential is not to over-bet or under-bet.

Always look for the best payments

Payments vary from casino to casino when you play online Keno. Also, you must make sure to play in the best possible conditions. Head to the rooms that offer the best jackpots and pay attention to the payment tables. A large number of online casinos publish the winnings of their players. This is already a good first indication of what you could win too.

Moreover, as in any casino game, the management of your bankroll is a determining factor. If you take care of your balance, you can bet more or repeat your chances of winning, which is a luxury nowadays in these times of crisis.

Take an interest in video Keno: an alternative!

You are curious by nature or play online Keno really interests you or is a passion? You can try to play video Keno, which is a more prolific game mode than the classic Keno game.

The video Keno is between a slot machine and Keno. You can play online Keno game by systematically betting only the minimum bet allowed. The pace of this game is faster and you will have less time to make your decisions.

Nevertheless, the video Keno is worth discovering. You will certainly not be disappointed to play online Keno.

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