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online roulette

Hard to make more popular than online roulette. If you asked a passerby to quote you one of the top online games, it’s a safe bet that it would answer you ‘roulette’ in the first intention besides online slots. Such an iconic game that it attracts all age players. Many players are fond of blackjack for its strategic side; others enjoy it for its practicality. Indeed, the game whose rules are simple to memorize and which does not require any particular type of training. Even if you are a new online casino player, or searching for a no deposit bonus casino, online roulette will definitively catch your attention.

NewsThe team of Pressgambling suggests you take advantage of the exclusive bonuses presented in our official list of new online casino offers. All these brands will give you the opportunity to play roulette for free before you get down to business. Once fully accustomed to roulette and its variants, the time will come to make an initial deposit and pay cash. Choose the casino that best fits your needs and signs up for maybe win the pot!

How to play online roulette?

Something easy to understand. The probability of victory is particularly interesting for the discerning player and the suspense always at its height. In roulette, regardless of its variant (American or European), the two colors used are red and black. The exception to the rule, the European roulette also has a green box marked with a zero. His American counterpart has both a green box labeled with a zero and another box marked with a double zero. Therefore, the roulette cylinder consists of numbers that range from 0 to 36.

It’s up to you to place your bets on a specific number, on a group of numbers, on a color, on the lower or upper part of the table (misses and passes) or even odd and even numbers. As soon as players have finished placing their bets, the dealer operates the cylinder and throws a small white ball that will come to rest in a box.

Side bet (miss and pass, even and odd or red and black) significantly increase your chances of winning as these types of wagers cover half of the table. If a player chooses to place bets on a single number, the chances of winning are significantly reduced. On the other hand, if the small ball stops precisely on the number that you bet, needless to say, that the retribution will be worth its weight of gold. Do not hesitate to check out our article on roulette rules to dispel any doubts.

Online games and casino bonus

online roulette

Since your eventual victories will be conditioned exclusively by luck, you will not be able to litter a little outside help. If you play online roulette, sometimes called roulette video, make use of the available bonuses to boost your capital. All online casinos listed in our official list will offer you welcome bonuses upon registration. By taking advantage of it during your games, you will help reduce the house’s profit margin!

Difference between American and European online roulette

Do not just pay attention to bonuses offered for free. Moreover, you will find plenty of no deposit bonus casino offers. The roulette variant that you are going to play is significant. As we mentioned in a previous paragraph, the European roulette has only one box punctuated by a zero where the American variant presents two, decreasing your probabilities of winning summarily. Therefore, it is better to favor the type of roulette likely to serve your interests at best, namely European roulette.

If a player places a bet on even numbers and the zero comes out, the prison rule applies. The bet is temporarily ‘confiscated’ by the dealer. The player recovers his bet (as well as the potential winnings) if he manages to win his bet in the next round. In this particular case, some casinos will also offer the rule of sharing (50% for the casino and 50% for the player). Although they are customary rules for French roulette, they do not necessarily apply to European and American casters.

Online games and Strategy

The game has transcended the ages. In other words, many have worked to establish an unstoppable strategy to defeat the casino. Some players occasionally take center stage claiming to have discovered the pot to the roses. At the risk of disappointing the tacticians, the roulette is nonetheless a casino game that gives pride to the perfect chance. Only the contingency will preside over the destinies of the players. Just make sure your online casino uses a random number generator to ensure fair draws. On the other hand, we advise you to read carefully our articles dedicated to the rules and the different systems of the bet to play roulette optimally. Nothing is more dangerous than facing roulette without being specially prepared.

New online casino player and Rolling systems

If you are an unconditional fan of roulette, it is highly likely that you have already heard about bet systems, which are supposed to improve your odds of winning. Although they may seem extremely profitable at first glance, none of them can guarantee a long-term victory. Whether you use the martingale, the Labouchère system, the Fibonacci sequence or the Paroli system, A casino player will never be able to eliminate the home advantage. An early stop of the ball in the wrong box can shatter your combined efforts. Never take unnecessary risks when playing roulette. If you still want to use betting systems, always use positive-growth systems. It also exists online roulette number prediction software. By using one of them, you will have to increase the size of your stakes after a victory and not after a defeat.

Online roulette play free

Although roulette does not present any particular difficulty, it does not dispense you to go through the rules and to bet systems back and forth to optimize your chances of victory. For starters, we suggest you get your hands on our free roulette game or the demo version of one of the online casinos listed in our official list. Also, remember to check our objective reviews to help you make your choice. We also take the initiative to make you enjoy some tips and tricks:

– Check out our articles on this type of game rules and strategies – Although this is a game of chance, you would be unwise to ignore some of the tricks that could reduce home advantage.
– Determine which variant do you want to play. After reading this article carefully, you know the reason why we advise you European roulette.
Choose a reputable online casino. Those listed on this page are reliable and secure.
– Make sure you have entered the conditions for obtaining the bonus of your online casino.
– Do not give credit to people who claim to have a foolproof technique to win.
– Never forget that roulette must first and foremost be a source of entertainment.

The many variants of online roulette

The advent of online casinos has resulted in fierce competition between different software companies to produce as many variations of roulette as possible. Here’s why new online casinos are overwhelmed by countless varieties of classic roulette. Some of the most popular variants include:

French Roulettes

This variant is frequently associated with the Monte Carlo casinos where hardcore gamblers are accustomed to rushing there. As its name suggests, this game originated in France and gained popularity in the aftermath of the French Revolution. Its rules are substantially identical to those of the European roulette wheel. Only a few subtleties differentiate the two versions (see previous paragraphs).

Mini Roulettes

Very common in most Playtech casinos. This version, characterized by a lower number of numbers than the European and American versions. The cylinder is also smaller. This variant only has 13 numbers (from 0 to 12). Although its rules are globally identical to those of European roulette, its house advantage still rises to 7.89%!

Multiball Wheel

If you’re tired of playing in its classic form, the multi-ball roulette will have something to cheer you up. Its name suggests the game is played with the help of several balls. If some versions use 2 or 3, others use up to 10. The table and cylinder are identical to those of the European roulette. And since this game only has one 0, the home advantage is only 2.7%.

3D Roulettes

A version developed by Playtech. At first glance, the game has all the features of European roulette. It has only one 0 and obeys the same general rules. The only difference: it is playable in 3D. The graphics are significantly improved.

Royal Roulettes

The progressive online game gives players the opportunity to earn even greater winnings than they would on the regular version. The cylinder is comparable to that of the American. What makes it original? The possibility of placing a side bet to win a progressive jackpot!

Pinball Roulettes

A version of roulette even more delusional. The format of the table is identical to that of the European roulette. However, unlike all other versions, there is no cylinder in which to introduce the ball! The winning number is determined. Pinball! You can find this wacky variant in most Playtech casinos on the Net.

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