Online Casinos Regulation, Gambling legislation and Quality labels

online casinos regulation

It’s important to follow this article on the online casinos regulation, gambling legislation, and quality labels closely.

It is a very important and necessary part of your casino learning development if you want to play online games safely. Play and pocket your winnings without the least concern with justice, as Gambling is indeed a very regulated industry and it has its eyes riveted on the online casino market.

The gambling legislation are different from one country to another, Italian, French, Belgian or Canadian, among others. And it would be good for you to know a maximum not to have nasty surprises during your adventure on online casinos!

License Distributors

The fundamental basis for determining the level of security and reliability of an online casino is its license. Basically, if the casino you are currently playing on does not have a license, be aware.

So, how can you check the online casinos regulation? Spot licenses on online casino sites? There is nothing more simple.

You can click on the option “learn more about the casino”, or on “the terms and conditions of use”. You will have a brief biography of the casino.

Also, it will mention the license distributor, who gave the right to operate the casino site. Although gambling legislation and the online casinos regulation are not immune to many changes, it should be noted that license distributors, for their part, always remain in the legality of their constituency.

To find out which are the safest or most popular license distributors and their online casinos regulation, we invite you to discover them through our articles and lists on our site.

Online casinos regulation and labels

Licenses and quality labels are two different things. Licenses aim to allow a casino to enter the market. Although quality labels are an overzealous blow from online casinos, mostly the ones who want to prove to gamblers that their site is the safest of the industry.

You should know that if you see the logo eCOGRA or Technical System Testing (TST) on the sites of casinos, it is that you are on the website of top online casinos. This costs a lot of money to casinos to be carefully examined by the signs of quality labels.

And it is an extraordinarily long and stormy process. So, operators who pass this demanding test will be propelled to the rank of exceptional online gaming! Yes, that’s how online casinos regulation work!

Online casinos regulation and official Licenses

Well, we did not stop talking to you about these famous distributors of licenses to whom we owe a great deal, because it is necessary to say the following: they allow us to have fun on the casinos online while gaining ‘money.

The time has come to present, as it should, the big stars of the licensing distributors of Swiss online casinos. These little soldiers hunt down the shady casinos, close them down, so that they can offer you the cream of the crop of the most reliable operators on the market.

A thunderous applause for the two largest distributors of licenses for online casinos.

1. Malta Licenses and Gaming Authority

online casinos regulation

The Maltese online casino licensing distributor is one of the most prominent online gaming marketers.

Why? Well simply because since 2004, the Malta Licenses and Gambling Authority does not offer one, but four different types of online casinos licenses!

The two most popular licenses are those for online gambling operators using random number generators and online bookmakers — the leading authority for online casinos regulation.

The other two licenses offered by the Malta Licenses and Gambling Authority are the ones focused on online gaming companies operating from Malta and web affiliate companies. The distribution of permits is not done lightly, and operators go through a lot of checks.

The advantage of the Maltese online gambling legislation lies in the fact that it fights both the irregularities found in the activities of online casinos and money laundering, which is commonplace in the online gambling industry.

2. Gibraltar Regulatory Authorityonline casinos regulation

Believe it or not, the second largest online casino license dealer is the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority! That Mediterranean island is it not? Happy coincidence! The Gibraltar Licensing Authority operates in the same way as the Maltese Licensing Authority when it comes to dealing with online casinos regulations.

In order to qualify for a Gibraltar Regulatory Authority license, operators need to be financially examined. And need a realistic project to operate as an online casino in a specific market.

Once the Gibraltar authority has determined that the operators meet all the primary criteria for a safe game for players, then they will be granted a license to operate an online casino.

There are many other conditions associated with obtaining an online gambling license from the Gibraltar Gaming Commission, and we’re offering little curious or licensed traders a chance to take a gamble.

3. The Belgian Gaming Commission

This authority reigns with an iron fist since 1999 on Belgian soil. You may not know it, but our Belgian friends have a unique story with games of chance!

When you walk in Belgium, you can obviously find games in land casinos, but not only! Automatic gaming halls by the hundreds, betting agencies and beverage outlets, it is not difficult to indulge in the many casino games in Belgium.

online casinos regulation

Note that Belgian land-based casinos are only open to players over 21 years of age. Some games of chance, such as bingo, are accessible from the age of 18. Be that as it may, the Hazard Games Commission of Belgium does not stop a minute, especially with the excitement of online casino gaming platforms.

The Regulatory Authority of Online Games

Active since 2010, the Regulatory Authority of Online Games or Arjel’s role is to control the French market for gambling on the net. This authority is also responsible for issuing gaming licenses to sports betting, poker and horse racing operators.

Unfortunately for French casino fans, the French authorities have decided to exclude from their online casinos regulation. The latter therefore operate at their own risk on the French market.

To carry out its missions, Arjel has a team of 60 professionals specialising in computer security, finance, and law. The Arjel receives regularly critics for its failures and the overly restrictive legislative framework. Indeed, the number of operators on the French market is minimal. And they do not propose attractive and diversified offers.

The ratings on the French sports betting sites are much lower than those offered by British or German operators. The same is true for poker, which suffers from confiscatory taxation on players’ earnings.

The Curacao Gaming Control Board

online casinos regulation

Active since 1997, the Curaçao Gaming Control Board is the most popular online gaming control authority in the world of iGaming. This authority regulates thousands of sports betting sites, poker and casino.

The success of the Curaçao Gaming Control Board is due to its very favourable tax regime for operators, but also by clear attribution conditions. Operators who want to get a gaming license must fight against money laundering and gambling addiction. Other obligations concern the prevention of gambling among minors and the protection of players’ data. Without checking all the boxes, a casino will not receive an online casino regulation.

The Curacao Gaming Control Board is not unknown to casino players. Indeed, the latter regulates a number of online casinos and assists players in case of difficulty.

Quality labels

It’s time to turn yourself into a gambling legislation inspector. Now that you have a view in online casinos regulation, you will have to go to the quality labels of these same casinos! These labels are a little extra that makes you choose an online casino instead of another.

These quality assurances are proof that operators have only one wish: to put your eyes on their products following market standards. There are two that we particularly like for the simple reason that they offer us the best online casinos every time!

eCOGRA – “E-Commerce and OnlineGaming Regulation and Assurance”

online casinos regulation

The eCOGRA quality label is a reference to ensure the quality of an online casino.

This UK agency is combing through the different products and services that online casinos offer. Online casinos regulation and eCogra ensure security and quality of use of the virtual gaming interfaces. Although the company is English, this does not mean that it only works on the English market of online casinos!

eCOGRA is an agency that has links with many jurisdictions. So there will be no discrimination from the point of view of candidates wishing to benefit from the eCOGRA quality mark. Besides, just like gaming licenses, the process of obtaining this quality label requires hard work from the operators.

Technical Systems Testing

Halfway between an iGaming accreditation and consulting company, Technical Systems Testing (TST) is a kind of alternative to eCOGRA. Basically, it’s either eCOGRA or Technical Systems Testing for online casinos and taking part in gambling legislation.

Online casino regulation

But we can assure you that the two come back to the same. The only difference is that eCOGRA does not operate across the Atlantic. Well, it’s already a difference, you tell us.

In addition to testing online gaming interfaces, TST also reviews the mobile applications of these same online casinos to be sure to bring you the best from both your desktop and your tablets and mobiles.

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