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count blackjack cards

If the technique to count Blackjack cards is famous, it’s because it has been staged in several famous movies. Las Vegas 21, including, this movie tells the story of the famous Blackjack team, MIT.

This team goes to several casinos around the world and they apply a strategy to win at blackjack by counting card games and win significant gains.

We remember also the famous actor Dustin Hoffman. He played an autistic man able to count blackjack cards with incredible precision in the Rain Man masterpiece.

count Blackjack cards
Dustin Hoffman in Las Vegas 21

This strategy to win is so effective that it gives the advantage to the player. And it is very rare in casino games. But before it being effective, you will have to work because it is not so obvious and easy to put in place. It will clearly have to train a lot before you master it perfectly. The movie Las Vegas 21 also highlights the learning period necessary to successfully count cards in blackjack effectively.

Are you ready for a lesson to count Blackjack cards? So let’s go.

The origin of the strategy to win at Blackjack: learn to count cards and High-Low system

Learning to count Blackjack cards is understandable after basic explanation. The one who popularized this strategy to win at Blackjack is E. Thorp. This man was mathematician before being a player of casino games. It was by focusing on basic strategy and game theory that Thorp took a closer look at blackjack.

By observing the casino games system on the blackjack tables, he quickly realized that the card games were not mixed after each round. So by watching carefully, the cards that were already out, we could count Blackjack cards and predict what was left in the hoof. Combined with the basic strategy, it was almost easy to beat the bank.

He presented his theory of card counting in his bestseller “Beat the dealer” which is still raging today. The problem is that casinos at that time were afraid that too many players would start counting cards in blackjack and therefore win. The rules for the game’s card mix were changed but because the attendance dropped dramatically, the casinos returned to the previous normal system and simply included a few more games in the hoof.

The casinos also realized that many blackjack players were trying to count the cards but because of their inexperience, most of them have squandered all their money, so they let them keep trying.

When the casinos increased the number of games with the hoof, E. Thorp developed and perfected his system. He published in the new edition of his book the technique High Low, even more formidable… But then, count Blackjack cards, how does it work?

Learn to count Blackjack cards, engineering trick or child’s play? Explanations:

The strategy to win at Blackjack by counting system is simple to understand, but not obvious to execute.

As we do not mix the cards after each round, it will be easy to know what is left in the shoe thanks to a simple technique.

To do this, you will assign a value to a group of cards:

+1 : for the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

0 : for 7, 8, 9

-1 : for 10, Jacks, Queens, Kings

Learn to Count Cards with 888Casino

When the cards are dealt and discovered during the game, it will be up to you to make the accounts with the previous values.

You will have to draw a conclusion: when the account is high, that is to also remember that there is a majority of big cards remaining in the hoof. If the count is high, it will be the moment for you to play hard since this trend benefits the player. Conversely, if you have a negative account, then it means that there is a majority of small cards and therefore, this is not the time to play big bets.

If you wish to profit from the strategy to win at Blackjack, Pressgambling offers you a list of Top online casinos to exercise on this. Note that the High Low technique to count cards at Blackjack is at the origin of the vast majority of other strategies.

Count Blackjack cards online to increase your winnings and beat the casino

Unlike Roulette and slot machines, Blackjack, like other card games are not just luck! It’s quite possible to count poker cards, count Baccarat cards, just like Texas Hold’em, and in almost every other casino card games. One condition: that the number of packets to the hoof is limited.

This is the principle of the strategy to win at Blackjack. To count Blackjack cards or other casino card games, it must be limited in number for the calculations of probabilities. So let’s distinguish two types of online Blackjack games.

  • If the game is purely virtual, the cards are generated by an algorithm in a completely random way, so it is impossible to use a card counting technique.
  • If you are playing in front of a dealer in front of a webcam, often called “Live casino“, then it replicates the game as if you were at the casino: with a limited number of packs of cards. It is therefore possible to count Blackjack cards on a Live casino site.

So you understand the biggest difficulty in mastering the card counting method. Learn! And you can not test it on the virtual money fun modes of online casinos. These potentially play with an infinity of games to the hoof! You will need to invest in a Live casino or land to progress and really know how to count Blackjack cards.

Our latest trick to count Blackjack cards, pair this method with other strategies

strategy to win at Blackjack

There are many books and sites that deal with methods and a strategy to win at Blackjack and other card games. For example, the article “Counting maps in blackjack Wikipedia” offers a rather complete page on the subject, but not as much as our specialized articles on gambling.

Once you have mastered the technical and theoretical aspects to count Blackjack cards, we give you a hint. Learn about other techniques that you can couple to it for more precision in your probability calculations. You can, for example, use the so-called “Ace Steering blackjack” technique which consists of locating the Ace sequences in a packet.

Each technique you master is a bonus that increases your chances of winning, both in online casino games and land-based ones like in Vegas! Your technique and your knowledge of Blackjack are crucial in your strategic choices. So it is by learning a lot that you will become a winner on any Blackjack table.

Here! You know everything, now it’s up to you to work on the strategy to win at Blackjack. But before you can count blackjack cards like a real master, unless you are a genius of probabilities, you have to train a lot.

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