Blackjack rules, the famous 21 casinos cards game

blackjack rules

Online 21 – Blackjack rules

It’s now blackjack rules, 21 for friends, to be scrutinized by your dedicated online casinos guide: Pressgambling! We have prepared a complete guide on the subject. It which will allow you to brave all the steps of your game on the online casinos like a real pro! We will present the different versions of this 21 cards game featured online casinos, before you deliver the Blackjack rules, as well as the most successful strategies! You will see that this quick learning will make all the difference during your parties!

Game Declinations and Blackjack rules

As usual, you will find a lot of different classic blackjack games on online casinos! However, some of you may be more interested in the different variants of blackjack, which have been developed especially for virtual casinos! You will see that most of these variations remain true to the original game from the point of view of the basic rules. Of course, there are some significant changes, otherwise it would not be surprises! We will name a few for you: Blackjack Switch, Spanish 21, Progressive Blackjack, Pontoon or Super 21!

If you still have some shortcomings in the Blackjack rules of online casino, let us dispel all your doubts! To start, we want to share a great news! You will be able to find, on our site, a complete guide on the rules of 21 cards game! We made sure to present them in the clearest possible way so you can master them in no time! You will find that it is not that complicated to know blackjack rules. You will not reach the level of experts in a second time but if you work hard, you will have a very good level in a few weeks after.

blackjack rules

Online Blackjack Strategy

You will see that you will be able to shout 21 much earlier than you think, and all thanks to your online casino guide Pressgambling! You will be able to be one with the different strategies winning blackjack to be able to put wins your pockets!

To become better, you will have to train. That’s good, we will allow you to implement the strategies we are going to teach you!

Blackjack is an exciting game. We will present in this article some strategies and tips used by blackjack casinos players, but there are many good on many others. And above all, let’s never forget that the best way to deal with blackjack rues is to play it often, very often, very very often. The practice is essential to master perfectly this game and to remove a maximum of pleasure from the games played.

Appeal to memory in different ways

The memory is a faculty very solicited when one plays blackjack. It intervenes on several levels.

blackjack rules

First, to determine if it is better for you to stay there or ask for one or more additional cards, here are some hints to remember:

If the cards you have on hand have a value between 17 and 21, do not shoot. As we say, “the best is the enemy of good”.

If your cards are going to reach a value between 12 and 16, then you have to look at the dealer’s cards. If his cards are between 2 and 6, do not shoot.

There are many other tips with Blackjack rules, but let’s start with these clues to get a first idea.

Your memory can also be used to count the cards to find out what’s left in the hoof and determine if it is “hot”, that is if it includes many high-value cards.

blackjack rules

All cards must be counted, those you receive, those of the dealer and those of other players. You have to be extremely focused. Starting from zero at the beginning of the game, we add 0, +1 or -1.

Thus, if the card is between the Ace and the 10, we count -1. From 2 to 6, it’s +1. And for 7, 8 and 9, it’s 0.

The figure obtained by making this sum must be divided by the number of games remaining to be distributed. If there are +10 and there are 2 games left, the total is 5.

The first bet increase is usually done when you reach +2. But, it’s up to everyone to see it. Some prefer to wait more. Place your bets !

However, if you need more information on the use of blackjack rules and strategies, do not hesitate to contact us.

Statistics, probabilities and Blackjack rules

Of course, complex calculations of probabilities lie behind blackjack rules. We will not enter here into mathematical details, but let us indicate what are the chances for the dealer to obtain certain values ​​with the cards he has in his hands.

Thus, the dealer has a 4.82% chance of getting a natural blackjack. It has 7.36% to get 21. 17.58% to get 20. About 14% to get 17, 18 or 19. And 28.36% to get a value of 16.

Now, it’s your turn. Practice, play, bet and win ! Good game !


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